Hometown: Portland, Oregon

Current location: Granada, Nicaragua

1. Tell me your ideal morning.

Wake up at around 6 in my camper and do some work until my friends wake up. Then go surf a perfect sand bottom right point break. Be out of the water by 9:30 and have some Mexican food for breakfast.

2. Creamy or crunchy peanut butter? Salted or unsalted?

Creamy and unsalted with some honey.

3. Describe the moment you felt the most alive.

Surfing a good sized day at Mundaka in the Basque Country in late January 2013 with my friend Ryan. I only caught three waves but it was amazing to see the ocean that alive.

4. What is the most admirable human characteristic?


5. When____________, I_____________. (fill in the blanks)

When shit hits the fan, move into your van!

Foster Huntington left his NYC-based design job in 2011, bought a VW van, and hasn’t looked back. He chronicles his adventures on his blog, A Restless Transplant, and his popular Instagram feed.



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