Hometown: Garden City, KS

Current location: New York, NY

1. Tell me your ideal morning. 

I’m complex therefore I have various scenarios that would count as my ideal morning.

a. Waking up and just laying there watching like Growing Pains or something while eating breakfast.

b. If it’s spring it would consist of me biking to brunch with my best friend and taking a billion polaroids.

c. Again if it’s nice out, going out for a morning run then just laying in the grass afterwards. (FAVORITE)

2. Choose one and explain why: fate or free will? 

FATE. No questions asked.  Everyday I analyze why I’ve met someone or why I am where I am it’s because one thing led to another.  It’s kind of creepy… which I like.

3. A day without _______ is a day not worth living. (fill in the blank) 

My friends and family. Also… coffee.

4. Your apartment is on fire. What are the first three things that you grab? 

a. A coat cause it’s fucking cold outside.

b. My best friend cause she’s a human being that I love.

c. Phone, to tell my mom I finally burnt the place down.

5. When or where do you feel the most alive? 

I feel the most alive when I’m listening to live music. When the weather is in the mid 60’s and I’m running.  When it’s SPRING. The sporadic moments when I’m walking down the streets of New York and it hits me that I actually live here.

Alex is a blogger who writes/doodles for Byrne Notice.


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