by fivesimplequestions

Hometown: Doylestown, PA, USA

Current location: Paris, France

1. Tell me your ideal morning. 

Any morning that includes a) waking up early, naturally, b) the house already smelling like good food, c) a feeling of excitement, d) a thick newspaper, and e) a fireplace.  This happens a few times a year, but it always happens on Thanksgiving.

2. Why are you living in your “current location?”

Study abroad. Taking classes on African history; mostly west African stuff.

3. How well did you sleep last night? 

I slept really well last night. I’ve been remembering my dreams lately.

4. What is the last food you consumed? 

At 1 am last night I had Wasa crackers and some vegan dill cheese spread I brought with me from Germany. Woke up with terrible breath.

5. What is your equation for equilibrium in life? 

Enough alone time to make time with others seem meaningful. A fridge full of vegetables, but not so many that you feel stress about eating them all before they go bad.  Walk everywhere.  Hot showers at night.

Jamie is a blogger and feminist writer. She is most notable for The Seventeen Magazine Project, a blog chronicling her attempt to follow the advice of Seventeen Magazine for 30 days. She makes me laugh on twitter.

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