Hometown: Doylestown, PA, USA

Current location: Paris, France

1. Tell me your ideal morning. 

Any morning that includes a) waking up early, naturally, b) the house already smelling like good food, c) a feeling of excitement, d) a thick newspaper, and e) a fireplace.  This happens a few times a year, but it always happens on Thanksgiving.

2. Why are you living in your “current location?”

Study abroad. Taking classes on African history; mostly west African stuff.

3. How well did you sleep last night? 

I slept really well last night. I’ve been remembering my dreams lately.

4. What is the last food you consumed? 

At 1 am last night I had Wasa crackers and some vegan dill cheese spread I brought with me from Germany. Woke up with terrible breath.

5. What is your equation for equilibrium in life? 

Enough alone time to make time with others seem meaningful. A fridge full of vegetables, but not so many that you feel stress about eating them all before they go bad.  Walk everywhere.  Hot showers at night.

Jamie is a blogger and feminist writer. She is most notable for The Seventeen Magazine Project, a blog chronicling her attempt to follow the advice of Seventeen Magazine for 30 days. She makes me laugh on twitter.


One thought on “Jamie

  1. Love keeping up with this Laura. Coincidentally, I remember reading Jamie’s blog (don’t remember how I found it), and being completely obsessed with it. Keep doing what you’re doing, I love to see where it’s going.

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