Hometown: Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Current location: Gainesville, Florida/ by the time this goes up I will be somewhere else.

1. Tell me your ideal morning. 

Driving through the night with all my friends asleep in the back of
the van, the window down & music playing. I watch the sunrise through the
windshield as everyone slowly wakes up & we stop for coffee at some
rest stop, or if we are feeling good about ourselves, we stop
somewhere for a good greasy breakfast. I love waffles & potatoes of
any kind.

2. Choose one:  spicy, sweet, or salty? 

I tend to prefer spicy, but still have flavor, not just an
overwhelming heat.

3. Where or when do you feel the most alive? 

When I am doing new things or going places I have never been. When
I am reunited with old friends or making new ones. & I usually feel
pretty good after a few whiskey gingers.

4. What is the most admirable human characteristic? 

The ability to question. When you stop asking questions, you stop living.

5. If____________, then_____________. (fill in the blanks) 

If you want something bad enough, then you will find a way.

Check out Jordan’s photography portfolio and his blog documenting his restless lifestyle. He is also a founder of Empty Stretch, a collaboration between individuals seeking to expose other talented photographers.


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