[photo by sean schmidt]

Hometown: Gallup, New Mexico

Current location: Brooklyn, NY

1. Tell me your ideal morning.

I wake up, its dark out, a pickup truck is warming up outside. We drive the first thirty minutes in silence. Then stop roadside for gas station coffee.

2. Why are you living in your “current location?”

I’m living in BKNY for a career opportunity. Because Queens didn’t feel right.

3. Creamy or crunchy peanut butter? Salted or unsalted?

I go back and forth. Creamy 5 days out the week, and crunchy on occasions. I feel like crunchy goes quicker then creamy, and I don’t go shopping often.

4. What is creativity?

Acting on your influences.

5. Without_________, there is no_________. (fill in the blanks)

Without ebb, there is no flow.

Sean is a talented photographer. Check out his portfolio and his tumblr.


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