Hometown: Kingsbury, Melbourne, Australia. Otherwise known by close friends and I as KY!

Current location: Greenpoint, Brooklyn, New York!

1. Tell me your ideal morning. 

Waking up after a solid 7 hours sleep (anymore and I get drowsy). Walking to the fridge to find a soy or almond milk absorbed bowl of rolled oats, with added Sultanas (Americans call them Raisons) and a dash of cinnamon! Once devouring this, heading out for a casual bike ride to the park for some music, drawing, reading and people watching. On a day that is 24 degree Celsius day (75.2 degrees Fahrenheit) with no clouds in the sky, and no New York humidity. With occasional sips of water and delicious Cider.

2. Creamy or crunchy peanut butter? Salted or unsalted?

I once thought crunchy was the absolute beez kneez! But once Laura (you) introduced me to the creamy, salted kind with added Sultanas I was hooked. I literally went to bed salivating about the combination once I had tasted it.

3. Where is your happy place?

Kinglake National Park in Victoria, Australia. A place that has been through countless bush fires and keeps rising, stronger than ever. I go bush walking there, it is largely untouched by the human hand, with rigorous dipping and diving action, with the added beauty of clean air and no noise.

4. What is the most admirable human characteristic? 


5. Describe the contents of your refrigerator in three words. 

VEGAN! Gluten Free

Wade is a graphic designer. He also keeps a photo blog of his journey in America.


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