Hometown: Visalia, California

Current location: Los Angeles, California

1. How well did you sleep last night?

Like a baby, solid eight hours, no waking up (that’s pretty much the norm). Oh and I always have a large bottle of Trader Joe’s water next to me in case I need to hydrate.

2. One of your favorite words: 

“Home” is my answer, but it’s only because I’m constantly trying to figure out what it means for me. Is it simply a place? A feeling that’s achieved in the company of certain people? Something I can create just by obsessively feathering my nest? It’s wonderful to think about.

3. Describe your last dream. 

I was flying over the rooftops of some small English village. I didn’t need an apparatus, it was just me and the sky. (I hated waking up)

4. What keeps you up at night? 

Not much, but if it’s something, it’s heartache.

5. Top bunk or bottom bunk? 

I grew up on the bottom bunk. Less light comes in, I’ll take that any day over the top. : )

Courtney has a pretty Tumblr and occasionally writes for Darling Magazine.


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