Five Simple Questions

Simple questions with interesting answers.

Walter Mitty & His Makeshift Orchestra


Name: Dustin Cole Hayes

Current location: Portland, Or / Fuel Cafe

Hometown: Newport Beach, Ca

1. Tell me your ideal morning. 

It’s raining. I walk down the street to my cafe and get a poppyseed bagel and coffee, read a couple hours, then come home and make music with Milk.

2. What did you have for dinner last night?

I made a bowl of beans with tomato and spinach, and a few corn tortillas. It was alright. Slightly too minimalist for me.

3. When or where do you feel the most alive? 

I feel most alive when I am working on/towards something that is bigger than myself, especially if I am working with people I love. My two best examples from this summer would be when I backpacked a portion of the John Muir Trail with a dear friend, or when I spent a month locked in my house recording a new record with my childhood best friends.

4. What is the most admirable human characteristic? 

Its too hard to choose the ‘most’ desirable, but I really admire selflessness in other people. When someone can overcome their own personal issues for the sake of helping someone else or accomplishing larger goals- that’s really cool to me. It’s something I continuously strive for because I have found it is a direct route to happiness.

5. If____________, then____________. 

If you find yourself bored, then you might be a boring person.

Photo 46

Name: Milk Flud

Current Location: Portland, OR

Hometown: Thousand Oaks, CA

1. Tell me your ideal morning.

Waking early and naturally, not feeling the negative side effects of whatever last nights activities were. Eating something small then going for a long bike ride with the weather being cold and a little rainy but with small pockets of sun. Come home to an empty house and set up in the basement with lots of coffee and make music until I get hungry.

2. Describe the last time you felt truly excited.

I get excited when i get inspired by something, and the thing that inspires me the most is seeing my friends create. There have been a couple moments recently where my friends have blown me away with their music/art that got me truly excited. Or maybe when I went to work last week at my job as a doggy daycare attendant and all my favorite dogs were there.

3. How do you take your coffee?

Black, like my metal. I used to be in a 2 person black metal band in high school.

4. What is the most admirable human characteristic?

A strong feeling of self worth.

5. Sometimes_____________after___________.

Sometimes you think too hard about a question and after that you are usually not happy with whatever answer you come up with.

Walter Mitty and His Makeshift Orchestra is a punk-y, folk-y, sing-a-long-y, all-around-fun West Coast band living in Portland, Oregon. I am a huge fan of their catchy tunes and you should be too. You should also be following their entertaining blog or liking them on Facebook.



Hometown: Portland, Oregon

Current location: Granada, Nicaragua

1. Tell me your ideal morning.

Wake up at around 6 in my camper and do some work until my friends wake up. Then go surf a perfect sand bottom right point break. Be out of the water by 9:30 and have some Mexican food for breakfast.

2. Creamy or crunchy peanut butter? Salted or unsalted?

Creamy and unsalted with some honey.

3. Describe the moment you felt the most alive.

Surfing a good sized day at Mundaka in the Basque Country in late January 2013 with my friend Ryan. I only caught three waves but it was amazing to see the ocean that alive.

4. What is the most admirable human characteristic?


5. When____________, I_____________. (fill in the blanks)

When shit hits the fan, move into your van!

Foster Huntington left his NYC-based design job in 2011, bought a VW van, and hasn’t looked back. He chronicles his adventures on his blog, A Restless Transplant, and his popular Instagram feed.





Current location: NYC

1. Tell me your ideal morning. 

Waking up without an alarm but still rather early. Pancakes and eggs for breakfast. Oh yeah, I like syrup on my eggs.

2. Where is your happy place?

My hometowns (NYC/Tokyo).

3. You know you have one day left, what would be your last meal?

Ramen and chicken wings

4. What is the most admirable human characteristic?


5. If _______, then __________. (fill in the blanks)

If fell seven times, then wake up eight


Lono is the mastermind behind No Parking Sunday and the running Rasa Club

Twitter: @noparkingsuday

Instagram: @lono3 @rasaclub



photo-6Hometown: Chicago, Il

Current location: Queens, New York

1. Tell me your ideal morning. 

My ideal morning would consist of waking up in paradise, running barefoot on the sand, swimming in the ocean, and eating a breakfast fit for a queen.

2. Creamy or crunchy peanut butter? Salted or unsalted? 

Peanut butter & Co cinnamon raisin swirl. Hands down.

3. Who or what motivates you? 

The people closest to me motivate me. They say the best reflection of yourself is by the company you keep.. and my friends and family are not only extremely talented at everything they do but are a reminder to me of what I’m also capable of.

4. What is the most admirable human characteristic? 


5. When I _______, I feel ___________. (fill in the blanks)



Christine is a badass DJ who RUNS. She’s one of my personal inspirations.

IG: @cdotmarie

Twitter: @itsmecmarie





Hometown: Garden City, KS

Current location: New York, NY

1. Tell me your ideal morning. 

I’m complex therefore I have various scenarios that would count as my ideal morning.

a. Waking up and just laying there watching like Growing Pains or something while eating breakfast.

b. If it’s spring it would consist of me biking to brunch with my best friend and taking a billion polaroids.

c. Again if it’s nice out, going out for a morning run then just laying in the grass afterwards. (FAVORITE)

2. Choose one and explain why: fate or free will? 

FATE. No questions asked.  Everyday I analyze why I’ve met someone or why I am where I am it’s because one thing led to another.  It’s kind of creepy… which I like.

3. A day without _______ is a day not worth living. (fill in the blank) 

My friends and family. Also… coffee.

4. Your apartment is on fire. What are the first three things that you grab? 

a. A coat cause it’s fucking cold outside.

b. My best friend cause she’s a human being that I love.

c. Phone, to tell my mom I finally burnt the place down.

5. When or where do you feel the most alive? 

I feel the most alive when I’m listening to live music. When the weather is in the mid 60’s and I’m running.  When it’s SPRING. The sporadic moments when I’m walking down the streets of New York and it hits me that I actually live here.

Alex is a blogger who writes/doodles for Byrne Notice.



Hometown: Brooklyn, NYC

Current location: Brooklyn, NYC

1. Tell me your ideal morning. 

Waking up fully refreshed, realizing my camera batteries are fully charged, and that the weather is perfect for a photo walk.

2. What is the most admirable human characteristic? 

Self awareness. Everything else in nature is so calculated and efficient. Always fulfilling the same purpose it has always fulfilled. I think it’s amazing that we as humans can stop and delve into our conscience and CHOOSE our purpose in life.

3. Describe the contents of your refrigerator in three words. 

So much food!

4. How do you stimulate creativity? 

I tend to draw inspiration and creativity from my other hobbies and interests. A lot of the time I find great photo locations during runs and just wandering through the city with friends.

5. Without _____________, there is no _____________. (fill in the blanks) 

Without passion, there is no progress.


John specializes in product photography. You can also find him on Twitter and Instagram.


Hometown: Bad Saulgau (Germany)

Current location: For one more week NY, after that Berlin

1. Tell me your ideal morning. 

Sitting in my windowsill with a cigarette and sunlight and good music.

2. Where is your happy place? 

There’s no special place. I try to be happy wherever I am.

3. Describe the last thing you ate in three words. 

Swordfish, asparagus, …

4. Who is your favorite artist? 

Edward Kienholz

5. Without______, there is no_______. (fill in the blanks) 

Without action, there is no reaction.


Pascal is a German graphic designer who has been interning with Sagmeister & Walsh for the last three months.



Hometown: Doylestown, PA, USA

Current location: Paris, France

1. Tell me your ideal morning. 

Any morning that includes a) waking up early, naturally, b) the house already smelling like good food, c) a feeling of excitement, d) a thick newspaper, and e) a fireplace.  This happens a few times a year, but it always happens on Thanksgiving.

2. Why are you living in your “current location?”

Study abroad. Taking classes on African history; mostly west African stuff.

3. How well did you sleep last night? 

I slept really well last night. I’ve been remembering my dreams lately.

4. What is the last food you consumed? 

At 1 am last night I had Wasa crackers and some vegan dill cheese spread I brought with me from Germany. Woke up with terrible breath.

5. What is your equation for equilibrium in life? 

Enough alone time to make time with others seem meaningful. A fridge full of vegetables, but not so many that you feel stress about eating them all before they go bad.  Walk everywhere.  Hot showers at night.

Jamie is a blogger and feminist writer. She is most notable for The Seventeen Magazine Project, a blog chronicling her attempt to follow the advice of Seventeen Magazine for 30 days. She makes me laugh on twitter.


Hometown: Suffern, NY

Current location: New York, NY

1. Tell me your ideal morning. 


2. Creamy or crunchy peanut butter? Salted or unsalted? 

In a giant Reese’s heart from Valentine’s Day that I’m forced to buy myself every year because no one will buy it for me.

3. Describe yesterday in 3 words. 

Bought a [frying] pan.

4. What is the most admirable human characteristic? 

An affinity for potatoes and/or Canada.

5. If_________, then___________. (fill in the blanks) 

If you have Nina’s black coverall, then O.K.


Olivia is the author of Three Crummy People & A Dog, a blog documenting pieces of her eccentric family life.


Hometown: Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Current location: Gainesville, Florida/ by the time this goes up I will be somewhere else.

1. Tell me your ideal morning. 

Driving through the night with all my friends asleep in the back of
the van, the window down & music playing. I watch the sunrise through the
windshield as everyone slowly wakes up & we stop for coffee at some
rest stop, or if we are feeling good about ourselves, we stop
somewhere for a good greasy breakfast. I love waffles & potatoes of
any kind.

2. Choose one:  spicy, sweet, or salty? 

I tend to prefer spicy, but still have flavor, not just an
overwhelming heat.

3. Where or when do you feel the most alive? 

When I am doing new things or going places I have never been. When
I am reunited with old friends or making new ones. & I usually feel
pretty good after a few whiskey gingers.

4. What is the most admirable human characteristic? 

The ability to question. When you stop asking questions, you stop living.

5. If____________, then_____________. (fill in the blanks) 

If you want something bad enough, then you will find a way.

Check out Jordan’s photography portfolio and his blog documenting his restless lifestyle. He is also a founder of Empty Stretch, a collaboration between individuals seeking to expose other talented photographers.


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